Arizona Cactus For Sale
Cacti,   Succulents,   Agave,   Yucca,   Trees,   Desert Plants.
Arizona Cactus For Sale
Bulk Quantities at Very Low Prices

Cactus, Succulents, Desert Plants For Sale
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We do not ship outside of the continental United States

We are now, and will continue to, sell certain items in bulk quantities at very low prices. If you see something in our main sale area, please email us to see if the item(s) is/are available in bulk and for price quotes.

Given the nature of wholesale, once sold, an item often sells out. Many nurseries are interested in saving money, so larger orders are welcome! Such orders *may* take our entire stock, leaving nothing left available (temporarily). If you are interested please EMAIL us with the name of the plant you are interested in along with the amount you are looking to purchase. We will then check availability and get back to you with all the details on price, shipping, and handling.

Send us your Wholesale Inquiry Here

We *should* have these items on hand, but no promises as someone else may have bought them all. Stock will be replenished though, just takes time.

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