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The Macfadyena unguis-cati is a Beautiful and Easy To Grow (vine, climber) that does well in Full Sun and is drought tolerant. ( Bignoniaceae ). Cat's Claw is and attractive evergreen climbing vine that gives a bright display of yellow trumpet shaped flowers and makes a good ornamental cover for anything from fences to two story buildings. It will take full sun and is a fast grower. Sometimes called a Yellow Trumpet Creeper, the older stems are redish brown similar to tree bark. The younger stems are bright green in color, and then as they get older they become woody up to about 6 inches thick. The leaves are glossy green with a 3 pronged claw-like climbing appendage underneath. The flowers are single or in small clusters, bright, and up to 3/4 inches long with 5 petals. After blooming they turn into a thin capsule fruit about 6 to 18 inches long which is green ripening to brown in late summer, developing winged seeds. These desert climbing vines have a deep, extensive root system. Formerly known as Doxantha unguis-cati or Bignonia tweediana. With regular watering cat claw ivy will flower from April through September but the vine itself can live in 100+ degree weather for months without water. The Maximum Height is up to about 25 feet. The yellow trumpet flower is approximately 2 inches long, 1-1/4 inch diameter. Yellow flowering cat's claw vines grow well in elevations from 0 to 2,500 Feet above sea level. A Xeriscape Desert Landscape plant. It's habitat is native to Brazil and Argentina but grows extremely well in the dry hot regions of North America. Whether you call it catsclaw or a yellow trumpet vine, this plant produces a bright sunshine flower that will brighten any hard to grow areas where other plants and foliage have failed or do poorly and it needs no care after the first 6 months. It is one of the finest climbing vines for covering ugly walls, fences, or anything else with little to no maintenance. This vine is ideally suited for Climate Zone 10 but the sharp, cat-like claws allow it to grip and totally cover anything from California to Florida!

Cat's Claw Seeds For Sale!

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