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If you are interested in finding cheap Nopales For Sale we have all you can handle. The Nopal is a spineless deep green cactus that is not a menace to passers by. It is extremely easy to grow and propagation is a cinch. Nopales cacti can be used as a beautiful fence like barrier and is also etible by humans, tortoise, and herbivores. The flowers turn into red bulbs that taste like a fig. Many native American tribes turn it into a liquor after fermentation.

Cooking with Nopales Cactus (Nopalitos)

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If you are ready to think outside the bun and are interested in a healthy dish with a traditional South West Flair. — In this installment we take a look at cooking with the paddles from the Nopales cactus, aka Nopalitos. This is one of the oldest ingredient in authentic Mexican food there is. The next time you want to surprise your family or friends for dinner try this recipe as Nopales are healthy, tasty, and cheap! Amaze your friends with the fact that you know How To Cook Cactus! They are similar to cooked green beans, but more tasty. Besides, with today's economy, we might all be forced to scrounge around in the desert for stuff to eat and you will be ahead of the game! You can find Nopales for sale in the produce section of most grocery stores for around 50 cents a pound. ( We Sell It For 20 Cents Per Pound). It's best to use fresh smaller sized paddles when cooking with Nopales and stay away from the really large and thick ones which are not as tender. The most desirable ones are small, bright green, and "stiff" Not "floppy". You can give them a slight shake to see how fresh they are. You can also gauge the Nopales by the freshness of where the paddle was cut. If it is dry and wrinkly it will be tough without the flavor. The hardest part of preparing Nopales is getting rid of the spines. With a sharp knife carefully slice off all of the spines and trim off the edges of each paddle. It's usually best to start from the base of the paddle and work your way up. After you have removed the spines rinse each paddle to see if you've missed any spots. The Mexican wood for "little sticks" is "palitos". After you have cleaned your cactus paddles you end up with No-Palitos or Nopalitos, get it? Next step is to slice each paddle lengthwise in long narrow cuts. Then you place the cut up pieces of Nopalitos into a pot of water boiling water. Boil for approximately 5 to 6 minutes the water is thick and gooey. Pour the pot into a colander, rinse the Nopalitos and repeat. After you boil the pieces a second time... Drain well. That's All there is To It! Now you have properly prepared a batch of Nopales ready to add to your favorite recipe! It's easy to keep some in a jar in the refrigerator like pickles so you can "eat em as you need em". You might try a breakfast of nopales and eggs, "Nopales Con Huevos". Simply saute' the nopales in oil with onions and mix it in with some scrambled eggs. Another favorite is a Nopales Salad "ensalada de nopal" - Mix Nopales pieces with chopped tomatoes, thin slices of white onions, fresh serrano chile, cilantro, olive oil, salt, pepper, and some fresh squeezed limes. Some Nopales recipes also add shredded cheese to make a tasty salad that is great on tortillas and tostadas. Very easy to make. Another method is grilling the whole paddles on a bar-b-que.

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Cactus Salad (Ensalada de Nopal)

Nopales Salad

Another recipe using Nopales Cactus; Serve in a colorful Mexican ceramic dish on a contrasting table setting for a light and healthy summer salad. Ingredients; Nopale Cactus, Tomatoes, Onions, cilantro, Salt, Garlic, and Lemon or Lime. Clean as shown above or you can buy a bag of cleaned and diced cactus leaf from specialty grocers. In a large pot combine the cactus, salt, onions, and garlic. Bring to a boil and allow to simmer, drain and repeat. Drain and toss with other ingredients when cold.